Why sisu?

Finnish and Estonian are related languages. The word sisu is shared between them. For Finns, sisu is almost a defining feature or aspiration of their national identity. Sisu evokes spirit, resilience, fortitude, commitment, persistence.READ MORE

Sibelius, Pekka and sisu

Described as ‘part cherub, part elf’, Finnish violinist, Pekka Kuusisto, whipped up a ‘fiddle party’ for the Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO) in March, inviting Finnish folk tunes, Sibelius, and Bach¬† to share the stage together. READ MORE

The nuances of sisu

“Finland in late January is no place for complainers,” wrote Washington Post correspondent Bill Thomas in 2006. READ MORE

The rocking horse

I vividly remember my first plane trip. We were seated in the second or third row, my mother, my younger brother and me. READ MORE