Annie Talvé — Principal

Annie Talvé is a creative thinker who works with people to design new ways of learning and working together in complex environments. She is a skilled and versatile communicator, group facilitator, project manager, researcher and writer. Working at senior levels in the private and public sectors, Annie has facilitated culture change, the people and culture building aspects of public private partnerships and commercial alliances, and business/community arts projects for a diverse range of clients. She has worked with organisations to support regional cultural initiatives and to bring benefits to urban settings through cultural input.

We work as an ensemble

Musicians, actors, artists and producers have always worked like this. A project possibility arises and a cast or collective is assembled.

Ensembles are now a 21st century way of working, too; for freelancers of all kinds.

Ultimately, everyone can take responsibility for their own business trajectory. When we come together on specific projects, it’s a total commitment. Because we work together frequently, it’s easy to get moving fast and focus on the task at hand. People say that working with us is creative, practical and productive.

Thinker, writer, curator, manager and broker

Dr Sally Gray

Dr Sally Gray is an interdisciplinary arts professional and cultural historian with a distinguished track record in the creative management of all kinds of art and culture projects. Her contribution as thinker, writer, curator, manager and broker has been made across cultural industry sectors. Her most recent curatorial project was the acclaimed David McDiarmid retrospective, When This You See, Remember Me, held at National Gallery of Victoria in 2014. Her writing appears in the leading scholarly journals in her field, as well as The Conversation, Art Monthly, and a number of arts-related magazines and journals.

Jenny Ruffy

Jenny Ruffy has over 25 years’ experience in the management of library, arts and cultural services across local government in Victoria. She has led innovative library services, buildings and initiatives in some of Victoria's leading services, including Yarra Libraries, Boorondara and the City of Monash. Her skills as an inclusive facilitator, project manager and writer are evident in a wide range of collaborative arts and library projects, working with numerous community, cultural and special interest groups. Jenny was a member of the Monash Gallery of Art Committee of Management for 10 years, the SLV Public Libraries Advisory Committee, and an Executive Member of Public Libraries Victoria.


Anthony Wells

Project Sisu works with Anthony Wells and Melinda Hunt from Pro Bono Publico graphic design agency.