Camden City Council 2018 Workshop

Camden City Council 2018

Camden Council is one of the fastest growing local government areas in New South Wales. Whole new suburbs like Oran Park will intensify the population growth already evident in other parts of the municipality. 


State Library of NSW

Three-month intensive program designed for library personnel facing council mergers and/or significant organisational change  processes. The program supported twenty participants to:

  • differentiate between structural change initiatives and the psychological dimension of transitions
  • develop practical skills and techniques to navigate the stages of transition and, in particular, to optimise the potential of the limbo zone between the ending of the old structure and the beginning of the new
  • expand skills repertoire of user-centred engagement skills and processes
  • build a transition oriented team.


Project outcome

The positive feedback was overwhelming. People said:

“I loved this training, it was the most practical training I have ever attended. I walked away with ideas, new skills and a can do attitude.”

“Transition management is very different to change management and too often not acknowledged. I feel confident now in knowing how important it is to understand all aspects of transition, particularly the human aspect, and how valuable this knowledge is to having a positive and successful transition.”

“Toolkit: New, fresh, unexpected resources. New thinking. Renewed confidence. A desire to try (even if I fail in the process). To work from conviction and intuition more.”


Bayside City Council, New South Wales

Prior to the opening of Rockdale’s new central library in July 2016, spirited discussions about the whole library network and how it could adapt to changing uses, emerging population hubs, digital technologies, and new service possibilities occurred. Project Sisu has co-designed a new service model, which included a participative strategy development process with council stakeholders and all library staff.

In addition, we worked with staff to plan the transition ahead, helped managers shape an advocacy ‘story’, and designed a written history of the whole process.

Project outcome

Library and customer service staff embarked on a six-week transition planning and user experience program aimed at supporting library, customer and development planning services  to work seamlessly together for the first time in a new, shared space. A new project is underway to support a similar transition process in another part of the recently merged municipality.