Streamlining Sustainabilty

A network of  sustainability pioneers has emerged in the lower Duck River industrial precincts spanning the Paramatta and Auburn local government areas. Jointly sponsored by the two councils with funding from the NSW Environmental Trust, Streamline Business was designed and run by make stuff happen in 2009/10. The program involved experimenting with new ways to engage small to medium businesses in activities outside their day-to-day operational concerns. Highlights included:

  • monthly field trips to the premises of participating businesses – a great way to see how sustainability issues are being tackled by one’s neighbours
  • monthly short, sharp seminars – in depth insights into sustainability tools and techniques from businesses at the vanguard, like Interface FLOR carpets
  • monthly Café Duck informal coffee chats at a local café
  • six video vignettes – capturing the stories, struggles and achievements of six local businesses with a commitment to growth and survival based on sustainability principles.

We also designed an audit checklist and planning tool called the sustainability ‘snapshot’. Take a look..

“The Streamline program was low key and genuine.”
Phillip Lane, Lubrizol

Client: Parramatta and Auburn City Councils
Annie Talvé (Project leader) and make stuff happen (2009/2010)