Canada’s Peter MacLeod challenges libraries to be audacious at Radical Libraries 2018.

Radical inclusion

What’s the most radical form of civic inclusion we have NOT yet seen? Whatever it is, it will include public libraries.READ MORE

Transition tales

We’ve all been there – mergers, amalgamations, restructures.

Funding cuts, funding restored.

Joint ventures and partnerships that suddenly go sour. READ MORE

Next Gen/Next Decade Libraries

We worked  with 24 university library leaders from Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai in 2011, as part of a leadership program called Next Gen/Next Decade.READ MORE

CAVAL Library Leadership

We designed two Library Leadership Programs for CAVAL Limited. The first five-month program was conducted in 2008/09, and the second took place in 2010.READ MORE

Streamlining Sustainabilty

A network of  sustainability pioneers has emerged in the lower Duck River industrial precincts spanning the Paramatta and Auburn local government areas. READ MORE

art + place evaluation

art+place is designed to breathe new life into public spaces, buildings, parks and facilities across Queensland. The Queensland Government has invested $10 million over four years, 2010-2014, towards funding high quality public art throughout the state. The art+place second triennial funding framework is based on a comprehensive program evaluation conducted by Project Sisu.
Annie Talvé and Dr Sally Gray (2009/10)