Wollondilly Library Strategy

The library is Wollondilly’s premier cultural institution. It is perceived as a lifeline, sanctuary, memory place and potential futures thinking hub. It is a trusted space and reliable partner in learning, practical skills, creativity and social connections.
Wollondilly Library Strategy 2020-2026 outlines what needs to be done to prepare for an expanded library experience as part of the proposed Community, Cultural and Civic Precinct.
It balances pragmatism with aspiration.

The emphasis is on judicious investment in small-scale mobile and semi-permanent library spaces; a modest expansion in skilled staff; consolidation of collection building and programming strengths; and a focus on experimentation and community engagement.

Gundungurra and Dharawal Country

The Wollondilly Shire stretches from Gundungurra country in the north to Dharawal in the south. I grew up on Gundungurra country.
The word Wollondilly has been in my vocabulary since childhood, but not the knowledge that it was Gundungurra land. Although I grew up alongside Gundungurra kids, we were never taught that it was their country.
Consequently, of all the projects I have worked on, this was probably the most personal.
The project began in 2019. It was affected by disruption of all kinds; bushfires and Covid-19, in particular. Amongst all of these losses, the death of Library Manager Gail Dunn in early 2021 was, for me, the most heartbreaking. Gail was an optimistic, open and creatively alive person. I miss her. This strategy is part of her legacy.