A bias against the quirky

Madmen’s Don Draper, the enigmatic creative director at fictional Madison Avenue agency Sterling Cooper, is an appealingly unorthodox character. READ MORE

Places of Invention

1995 –   it marked a threshold between the old and the new millennium, and the buzzword  for this millennium was knowledge.  The ‘knowledge revolution’  posed tremendous challenges, opportunities and threats to the library profession, in particular. READ MORE

Hidden treasure

Marion Milner had always wanted to be an artist. But the biologist, and later psychoanalyst, became frustrated with the conventional drawing techniques she had learned. So she began to experiment READ MORE

Day-to-day sisu

Drawn to mathematics and art as a child, Katherine Longhurst saw architecture as the perfect intersection between the two. READ MORE

Jessica’s Adventure

Jessica Douglas-Henry has been making documentaries since the early 1990s. Until recently, Jessica’s company, Iris Pictures, moved along in an organic, word-of-mouth way, building a reputation for sensitive and probing work that explored different aspects of human experience. READ MORE