Why sisu?

Finnish and Estonian are related languages. The word sisu is shared between them. For Finns, sisu is almost a defining feature or aspiration of their national identity. Sisu evokes spirit, resilience, fortitude, commitment, persistence.READ MORE

Day-to-day sisu

Drawn to mathematics and art as a child, Katherine Longhurst saw architecture as the perfect intersection between the two. READ MORE

The nuances of sisu

“Finland in late January is no place for complainers,” wrote Washington Post correspondent Bill Thomas in 2006. READ MORE

Displaced people

Loss, hope, and disruption mark the psyche of the ‘immigrant’, whatever their personal circumstances.   READ MORE

Breakfast in Turku

“Are you the woman from Romania?” a strange man asked me as I hovered over the bain-maries and cereal bowls in the breakfast room of a kitsch hotel in Turku. “No, I’m from Australia,” READ MORE