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Learning for Life

There are few municipalities in Australia as culturally and linguistically intense as the City of Canterbury.  READ MORE

The New Nirvana

The economic and social benefits of public libraries have been well researched, but the multiple ways in which they support cultural life and production deserves more attention. READ MORE

Siri Calling

Last year, a few days before Christmas, the Strategic Services Group in the Department of Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade and Energy SA was due to hold a strategic planning workshop. READ MORE

Wild Things

It’s one thing to take part in a six-month long leadership development program (with a demanding job in the background), and quite another to come up with something meaningful and lasting at the end of it. READ MORE

Library Leaders

While leadership can be challenging and sometimes difficult, it’s also an opportunity to make a positive difference.READ MORE

Fresh thinking @ local library

Brokered by the State Library of NSW, Taking the Lead 2012 invites public librarians from across the state to learn new leadership skills while exploring different ways of engaging their communities in the experimental hybrid space of the contemporary library. READ MORE

Jung at Work

The film A Dangerous Method, is essentially about the relationship between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud, two of the 20th century’s most original thinkers. READ MORE

Shine – a newsletter

Project Sisu and Pro Bono Publico have joined forces to produce the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme’s first newsletter.  The Scheme provides ongoing support to people who have been seriously injured in traffic accidents. READ MORE

Next Gen/Next Decade Libraries

We worked  with 24 university library leaders from Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai in 2011, as part of a leadership program called Next Gen/Next Decade.READ MORE

Taking the Lead

How can public libraries support new migrants, or cross the generational divide with the clever use of social media? READ MORE

CAVAL Library Leadership

We designed two Library Leadership Programs for CAVAL Limited. The first five-month program was conducted in 2008/09, and the second took place in 2010.READ MORE

Homelessness in Sydney

It’s an intractable issue, but the Parramatta Region Homelessness Interagency is tackling it through coordination and collaboration. Federal, state and local agencies, as well as other outreach services and charities, have banded together to share resources and ideas. Project Sisu facilitated the group’s annual review and planning session in June, including the election of a new chairperson.

Client: Parramatta City Council (on behalf of Interagency)

Annie Talvé 2011